Irish Angus Cattle Society

Harte Farms Dispersal 24th July 2021

Save the Date: Harte Farm Pedigree Dispersal 

Harte Farms have taken the difficult decision to change the farming system at Coraghy and this means a full herd dispersal of all pedigree and commercial beef animals on the farm. Since 2015 the farm has sourced some of the best genetics across Ireland, England, Scotland, France and Canada and we feel we have assembled a super herd of pedigree and commercial cows. All 150 pedigree Limousin, Charolais, Simmental and Aberdeen Angus animals will be sold at our on farm auction on Saturday 24th July at 1pm. Online bidding will be available at both sales via Elphin Martbids. Our herd of 40 commercial cows with calves at foot will be sold in Elphin mart on Monday 19th July at 7pm. Viewing of stock can be arranged on farm prior to sale. Contact Tommy on 086 8576168 or Adam on 087 1218734

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