Irish Angus Cattle Society


The Irish Angus Cattle Society was established in 1967, having as its primary objective the development and improvement of the breed in Ireland. 

A progressive Society, it is responsible for introducing AI to the breed and for acquiring Canadian bloodlines which radically improved the conformation of the Angus breed. It is also the first Breed Society in Ireland to introduce a breed specific beef scheme – the Certified Irish Angus Beef Scheme.

Established by traditional Angus breeders in 1967, the Society was responsible for the improvement and consequential revival of the breed as it faced down the challenge of imported continental beef breeds. 

Irish Angus is now firmly established as the top beef breed in Ireland and quality pedigree Angus stock are again in demand from both commercial farmers and pedigree breeders at home and abroad.

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Application for Membership Euro 50 (Covers first year subscription)
Application for Herd Prefix Euro 25 (Total fee for first time member application – 50 + 25 = 75 Euro)
Annual Subscription Euro 50
Registration Fee Euro 35 (To be received within 60 days of date of birth)
Late Euro 10 per month (in addition to reg. fee)
Transfers (contact office)
Duplicate Cert Euro 15
Amended Cert Euro 10
Life Membership Euro 500